Pascal Schumacher & Jef Neve

Originally from a double «classical and jazz» formation and motivated to working together, the tandem Jef Neve (Zamu Award winner) & Pascal Schumacher (Django D’or winner and Enja Artist), was playing in quartet from May 2003 till July 2008, recording three albums and touring five continents.

In 2004 they decided to form a duo (vibraphone – piano), which enables them to open a new form of chamber music that mixes their various influences and gives rise to a true poetry of sounds. Jef and Pascal seek to be non-sectarian musicians who aspire to combine the colours of Claude Debussy to the universe of Steve Reich’s and Monkish dissonances with the rhythmical world of Igor Stravinsky andvice versa.

They like the unbounded horizons and have taken time to find a musical agreement in which they arranged for free spaces so that each concert has a particular and new dimension. A first album is released on Enja Records in January 2010.
„In a duet, Jef and I have a face-to-face dialogue allowing invention and spontaneous creation.“ Pascal Schumacher

„Pascal and I have entered a great partnership inspiring each other.“ Jef Neve
"Face to Face" features selections from their releases and standards.

Project Data

CD "face to face"
Pascal Schumacher: Vibes - Website
Jef Neve: Piano


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