The best way to finish my musical activity for the week is to return to the Jamboree. In the most emblematic jazz club of Barcelona, they are celebrating their particular Fall Festival, whose meritorious programming runs the risk of being overshadowed by the big names attending to the festival that bears the name of the city at the same time.

But one who knows the music of Jef Neve however, knows that the Belgian pianist is a guy that is worth to pay an entry for his concert. So I went to the Plaza Real to see this solo artist peform.

In trio, Neve seems to me a fantastic pianist, full of sensitivity and good ideas.

But a solo concert is just a risk exercise, and I wanted to see how this pianist from Turnhout unfolded his talent in this area.

Elegant, educated and communicative, Jef Neve gave a quality concert, made very good use of the resources obtained by his classical training and was brilliant in the improvisations.

From the first piece, Lush life, the Belgian musician insisted on giving us reason to consider him one of the greatest European jazz players. His own compositions (of which he performed two, Could it be true and Solitude) show his enormous creativity, while in the music of others, Neve is full of good taste in his choice of interpretation. He declares himself an admirer (like me) of Joni Mitchell, from which he played A case of you (in my opinion, one of the highlights of the show). He told us some jokea about the chakras between songs, but in short he gave a recital of good jazz with classical influences.

After the acclaimed encore, I left the Jamboree taking home a very pleasant impression of the Belgian pianist whose future path must be followed closely.

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